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PREMIUM VIP - 47 USD per 30 days - Ongoing.
Premium Vip subscription: This subscription and membership include slightly more than standard. It includes all that is included in our standard subscription but it also includes project files and customized project files. Some customized tutorials and 1 consultation meeting per month. In this meeting, we keep progress of your growth and discern what you may need assistance with. We will then set up appointments to walk you through step by literal step on a specific project to help you accomplish specific goals that we set out for your growth. This subscription allows you to converse with Terrence 1-2 times monthly for mentor-ship, feedback, encouragement, motivation, and inspirational feedback. This Premium membership is equivalent to having Dr. Dre’s personal phone number. you will be able to request tutorials, request project files and consult with an expert on most subjects concerning your growth. This plan is the most popular.
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