Hello friends,

Admit-tingly, the hardest thing for anyone to do is admit to and expose their weakness. And one of our weaknesses and has always been our weakness was (ahem….) customer service.

Yes, we admit it! “CUSTOMER SERVICE” at Todaysbeats.com was so deplorable, that if they we were selling a $100,000 Rolex for $1,000 customers still would not purchase this time piece because of the history of Todaysbeats.com’s service.

In the past, the most important aspect of Todaysbeats tutorials was the product. Offering you solutions through the training that you needed to accomplish your production goals. This was of primary concern. Today? Primary concern is (CUSTOMER SERVICE*). Customer service takes precedence over product. We appreciated that the product was good, but communication with users as well as potential clients was much more rewarding.

We’ve learned that our company is in the business of teaching, advising and offering real practical solutions, and teaching is based on student and teacher interaction. Without this interaction, things are unclear, this leads to frustration and ultimately resentment with not only the company that sells the service but with the service or product as well.

So do we then abandon excellent valuable training solutions for uninspired customer service? Well note these findings.

We found that shifting our goals and strategies will preserve a very beneficial site to customers who truly value our training solution services. We offer what most colleges refuse to offer and we are willing to go the extra mile and help the experience of any one of our students an experience unlike no other campus, college or online training institute can offer.

What is our new goal and strategy? To give you as a customer our (WORD) to treat each and every one of you with respect, kindness and dignity. Treating you as a friend, and not a consumer, treating you as a true “FAM” member, short for “Family” of course. We find this to be of greater importance. Our new niche, is not to have good fun, humorous and entertaining tutorials, but to have good fun, humorous and entertaining customers as our friends.

Welcome to our new and improved Todaysbeats.com, where friendly assistance and guidance takes precedence over EVERYTHING!