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Mixing and Mastering 104

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Beat Making | Hip Hop Chord Progressions | Music Production Training | Propellerhead Reason 8

I’m using the techniques taught from my DVD training tutorials “Hip Hop Chord Progressions Cycle of Fifths. You can get that at

Forget about those expensive audio engineer schools, come to, save money and learn all what the pro’s know in a FREE fun exciting and intuitive way.

Online audio engineering schools help you to learn the features of the basics, strictly for beginners. They don’t tell you the hows and the whys, we teach you the deeper meaning of things, we have fun whilst doing it.

Getting started, you’ll learn for free sound audio engineering using your own recording software and we make you sound like a polished professional audio production using your own music studio.

This channel produces blocks of advanced Reason 8 tutorials, we also create reason 8 reviews. We do not show you how to get reason 8 crack, We only show you how to make your own reason 8 beats by using reason 8 propellerhead. When I had reason 8 demo i fell in love with it immediately, so I suggest you get the free 30 day reason upgrade demo download. When I did the reason 8 preview I found that the new features where breathtaking and I was astounded. I found that this would be one tool of essentials, an is a must for the reason 8 beginner. I’ve produced some reason dubstep and will certainly be producing more of these tutorials and professional recording studio sessions using to the full propellerhead reason 8 tutorials.

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Welcome back Fam! I’m glad to see your back! Reason is BACK! OFFICIALLY BACK! I like it, I love it! Their are 8 Reasons to love this software and we will cover them 1 at a time. But for now, I wanted to test out a few extension racks and refills. Reason 8 has a lot to offer and for the most part the new layout? I found that you don’t think you need the new layout until you’re actually in production. Once you’re in your work flow, you’ll notice that you need to get something very very swiftly, well with the new layout, you’ll have all you need in place much more swiftly than usual and it helps to keep the workflow going and consistent with no breaks. The guys at propellerhead did a brilliant job focusing on workflow.

When I first heard this, I was disappointed, like, “arghhh….now I have to relearn Reason 8 because of the new workflow, but that was not the case, the flow is smooth and the sound is clean, crisp and professional sounding with the new plugins. I recently purchased Protools, as a standard tool to have since it’s industry standard, but the refills, have filled in the missing void of better tools to use when mixing, cutting and mastering using Reason 8.

The Acoustic Guitar refill I used in this sessions was clean, professional and realistic, like a had someone sitting right next to me as I was recording. Wonderful plugins.

To learn more about music progressions and more go to:

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Mixing and Mastering | Vocals – Techniques – Drums – Rap Vocals – Propellerhead Reason 8 Tutorials

Mixing and mastering techniques can only truly be understood by having a real understanding of sound. Its the science behind waves audio and sound that gives you the true ability to properly mix drums, mix rap vocals, singing vocals, and more.

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