Welcome back Fam! I’m glad to see your back! Reason is BACK! OFFICIALLY BACK! I like it, I love it! Their are 8 Reasons to love this software and we will cover them 1 at a time. But for now, I wanted to test out a few extension racks and refills. Reason 8 has a lot to offer and for the most part the new layout? I found that you don’t think you need the new layout until you’re actually in production. Once you’re in your work flow, you’ll notice that you need to get something very very swiftly, well with the new layout, you’ll have all you need in place much more swiftly than usual and it helps to keep the workflow going and consistent with no breaks. The guys at propellerhead did a brilliant job focusing on workflow.

When I first heard this, I was disappointed, like, “arghhh….now I have to relearn Reason 8 because of the new workflow, but that was not the case, the flow is smooth and the sound is clean, crisp and professional sounding with the new plugins. I recently purchased Protools, as a standard tool to have since it’s industry standard, but the refills, have filled in the missing void of better tools to use when mixing, cutting and mastering using Reason 8.

The Acoustic Guitar refill I used in this sessions was clean, professional and realistic, like a had someone sitting right next to me as I was recording. Wonderful plugins.

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