Yes, youtube is down.

Hello my Youtube patrons, why is youtube down? Was it hacked? Did it crash? Did the server blow? Are there no backup systems? How can a multi-trillion dollar company not have its own backup city of computers on the moon? It’s youtube, youtube is bigger than all the network TV’s combined? Naw, just kidding, but I do want to say one thing.

Look at how we as a species depend on something like youtube, a virtual center to be the center of our world. What happens to the millions of people making a living using youtube to pay bills, car notes, mortgages etc. Can you imagine what will happen to the economy if youtube was down permanently? Or what about even facebook? Instagram or snapchat? Would humanity survive?

We as a human race need to truly consider these types of things, what skills do you have to continue to thrive even if youtube fold under and all digital networks and media crash, do you have a tangible skill, painting, construction, sales.

Now, while youtube is I’m sure only temporarily down, now is the time to consider what will I do if it all falls down, can I survive? That’s the millennial question of 2019.

Let’s use youtube for what it’s made for, simply a platform to direct a buyer or prospect to your goods, training, guidance or direction.