There is finally a new female R&B recording artist on the rise. She goes by her inheritance name Knobele. I’ve been looking all over the internet trying to find who’s the next up and coming female R&B artist from Detroit and came up with nothing. I found this very interesting. Because as I’ve done a search for female rap artist from Detroit I came up with many, Kash Doll, Queen Monkeei a.k.a Beatrix Kiddo, Molly Brazy, Southwest Mook, Dej Loaf and many others. Now to me personally that’s scary. You see this is Motown. The birthplace of the original divas of the music industry. So many came from Detroit, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, CeCe Winans, The Clark Sisters and now nobody?

This seems very strange to me. So I ask the question does there even exist a female singer in Detroit? There is not a singer female artist with enough talent to be heard? Have they all vanished? Can no one sing? I was involved in a project where Holland Dozier Holland attempted to launch a new style Supremes.

This group was called Forshe’. I was the sole music producer with others adding their flavors such as Amp Fiddler, Keeny Flav, and a few others and Paul Hill was the sole producer of Forshe’s project. Everyone thought this would be the one, the next big thing coming from Detroit that was from a women’s point of musical viewpoint. But unfortunately, the girls all had different ideas in the direction they think they should have gone and ultimately everyone fell apart leaving yet another gaping whole yet to be filled by the next female somebody.


Well recently there has been quite a buzz roving around about this new female r&b artist from Detroit named Knobele’ and as thus far I’ve been hearing really good things about this artist. Her story reminds me very much of what I’ve been hearing about Eminem before he broke out on the scene. I’ve always heard about him and how great and talented he was, and that he was a young white male rapper, but no one has ever heard his music until of course, he clicked up with Dr. Dre’ and then we all understood why he was so talented.

Well so goes our new Detroit Diva Knobele’, so far we’ve never heard of her music, but we’ve been seeing her everywhere, which only raise anticipation and expectations on who and where is this person soon to rise and release us all of our void of beautiful soulful R&B bliss that we’ve all been deprived of for many years. I’ve done a search and all I could find was her logo, so I will continue to look for our very own Detroit made Knobele.