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MANY OF OUR STUDENTS ATTENDED BERKLEY. Afterwards they attended (Todaysbeats.com) Why? Music from the heart and soul cannot and will never be taught in college. Most master producers have natural talent which has been refined based on certain upbringing, elements and cultures. Learning curriculum is different from training to be a master at something. In 4 years of college you’ll learn the basics, In 6 months at Todaysbeats you’ll master a skill. It’s the craftsmanship, and the artistic approach that takes mediocre music production work and converts that into “MASTERY”.


You gain HANDS ON, IN THE STUDIO practical knowledge, with relevant insight and input. You gain advance knowledge that is relevant to your style, brand and genre of music. In a sea of an abundant generation of new and an endless amount of production and producers, how do you think you will be able to stand out as unique? Simple. More knowledge is key.


Hey brother, you’re doing great things. I had to pick up your work, I’ve been following you for a long time, I see you and I support you all the way. Stay grindin homie.

Warren G., Rapper, songwriter, record producer and DJ

Bro, you know I know your skills….when I told my manager you were that dude, I was not exaggerating bruh. …lol………I don’t know why you choose to do this as opposed to what we got going on, but it’s your choice bro. I support and respect your movement 100%. Actually, I wish I had someone like you supporting someone like me in my heyday. Life would have been so easier, and things would have moved so much more faster.

Helluva, Music Producer

Terrence you doin’ good things young brother. I appreciate the video work you done on us wit cha mans Looze Cannon. Peggy told me you was the truth, but I had to see it to believe it. Nice work you did on that Run video, keep grindin’ Tee!

Michael Bivins, CEO Recording Artist BBD New Edition

Yo Tee, I see you my dude. I know you got that heat but know that I respect your movement homie. You Detroit dudes ain’t playin’ and I support you 100%. Keep grindin’ homie. Tell La’ Rocko Tee, he should have signed with us! LOL…..but anyway, big ups to your site and all that you do.

Battle Cat, Music Producer

You know you got that p’funk in you nephew, ain’t nobody even got to tell you that! I’ve been working with you for a long time now thanks to Paul and I must say you never cease to amaze me Tee. Keep grindin, keep doin ya thang, we need more like you in the industry, stay funk’d up!

George Clinton, Parliament-Funkadelic

Aye Tee, I see you Fam! You held us down when we was in The D, I appreciate that big homie. You got that work, video, music, the works. Y’all showed me love, I respect that big homie, big ups!

Young Buck, G-Unit

Yo bro, thank you for your videos and the love you showed when I was in da D! You’re production really helped a nigga out in a long way bro. I respect what you do and I believe that you will amount to great things bro, real talk.

Blood Raw, C.E.O. Blood Raw Entertainment

You see these Detroit n****s out there making that goddamn noise. Now we got the g-ddamn bag. Now it’s what we doing with that motherf****r. We round this motherf****r teaching life skills, engineering, DJing, music, motivation, investments, credit repair, real estate, boxing.”

Trick Trick, Music Producer Artist Actor

Tee, I’m officially renaming you “The Terrorist” cause you dangerous on them tracks boy. Keep bangin and keep training.

Rakim, Recording Rap Artist

“Terrence your work is impeccable and your personality is extremely charming, keep doing wonderful things, what you contribute to the world is much needed today.”

Mary Wilson - The Supremes, Motown Recording Artist

“I did not believe John when he told me you was primarily a Hip Hop producer, my ears deceived me, and your talents are incomprehensible. The work you did for me is remarkable!”

Karen Clark - Clark Sisters, Gospel Recording Artist

“When Paul Hill brought you to us, I did not want to meet you. I thought you were just another kid of the block making beats, and boy was I wrong. Keep doing this Terrence, the youth truly need more like you”

Brian Holland - Motown, Legendary Motown Record Producer


Learn a skill, sell your product. The goal is to teach you tangible and practical skills that will allow you to pay the bills. Add skills, this adds value to you.



Your training is unlimited. There is always something new to learn. That’s why VIP is the best investment for your brand. We keep you current so that you stay relevant.



What separates us from the rest? FUN! We have fun while training. This information is already strenuous, why make it boring? We mastered the art of teaching with fun!