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Now over 24 hours of training with 100’s of mixtape and flyer design tips that will help you put $100’s if not $1000’s back into YOUR pocket!

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For the price of 1 sided mixtape cover design or flyer, you can make all your investment back plus more just from 1 session. Get entire training collection bundle at its introductory low price of only 67 bucks!. Less than 6 bucks per lesson. Limited Time Offer!


Expert Teacher: Terrence Fleming

Learn from an industry expert who is passionate about teaching.

If you want to learn how to produce high-quality graphics mix-tape cover arts and flyer party event designs, then this is the place and the team you want to learn it from. Anyone can learn, all you have to do is make up your mind and apply yourself to training. By watching these tutorials you will know how to produce very powerfully, vivid, bright, action-packed colorful Adobe Photoshop designs. We primarily focus these training lectures on Mixtape Covers and Flyers. When it comes to mixtape cover designs there are a set of basic fundamentals we use for each layer. Each layer has a specific treatment and in these sessions, you learn these basics. For the price of 1 sided mixtape cover design or flyer, you can make all your investment back plus more just from 1 session. Also, there are many up and coming artist and majority of these new as well as seasoned artist are doing mixtapes because it’s quicker to do,  easier to get features and one of the most popular forms of promotion.


Product Description

Here’s What You Get With Our Bundled to Expert PSD Training Courses.

Total Running Time: 25 + Hours

Congratulations! And welcome to your future. I’m glad you’re interested in learning PSD Graphic Arts and Designs and I’m more than happy to get you kick-started with some kicka$$ tutorials.
These tutorials are done and taught by an expert and you will learn all the dirty little secrets with step by step detailed instructions. This particular bundled course is over 10 hours long, so as you know there is a lot to learn. Here we will teach you beyond the basics. We go into explicit detail of every single aspect as well as the thought process behind producing dynamic explosive adobe Photoshop designs. The things that you will learn will catapult your style far beyond your competitors and allow you to not only express your graphic design arts and passions but also put good money in your pocket while doing so.
The online community has allowed you to market far beyond the reach of your friends and neighbors. Once you’re thoroughly trained in the field of professional expert graphics the sky is the limit and you will have 1000’s charging your way for graphics work, whether it’s flyers for graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions, sports events, parties funeral and more. The skills you will develop by taking these courses will equip you with a much-needed demand. And only a few insiders know these techniques.
You understand this or you would not have found yourself on this page. We decided to give you an optimal opportunity to take full advantage of this offer but cutting the course fee very very low giving you little excuse to invest in a life-changing skill. Once you gain this insider knowledge your initial small investment will gain you life-changing results.

Download Entire Collection Today for only $67

Stay Current, relevant and fresh! Photoshop 3D Parallax Effects?

Learn more than just photoshop graphic mixtape art. Want more money? Learn more skills!

We take your training a step further, putting you into a better-VALUED position. Have you heard of 3D Parallax effect? It’s a new current super cool effect that you put in your page to impress your viewers. This offer will soar your sales through the roof. How? Because now you are able to offer your clients not only a professional polished mixtape cover but now you can offer them a webpage with they’re mixtape cover design as a live interactive 3D animation and you’ll be the first to offer them this feature. You’ll also be the first and only one doing this modern webpage effect. To do this effectively, they will need a website, now you can offer to produce their website and go from $80 – $120 for a 1 sided mixtape cover to $450 -$1250 for websites. The more you know, the more you grow. The more you grow, the more you can offer clients to lock in money deals. Would you like to add more money to your bank account? Add more value to YOU! So take full advantage of this up-to-date and modern approach to offering work to clients. We will teach and train you in this aspect.

Bundled Training Bonus!

Concerned about not knowing how to develop websites? Don’t worry! We got you covered. Included in this training you will not only learn how to produce great graphics arts for flyers and mixtapes, but you will be in a position to offer to your client’s websites design and development. Why learn powerful graphics, just to make money on simple mix-tape covers, when you can earn greater funds by offering to add those beautiful graphics to their personal band page or artist storefront. The bottom line is this, every single artist needs a website if they need a mixtape cover, and they are a recording artist or band, THEY NEED A WEBSITE! It’s simple. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are not enough anymore. No one takes any artist serious if this artist doesn’t even have a landing page, so educate them, encourage them, help them to develop value in themselves, and they will beg to give you money. Even if you simply charge them for the mixtape and offer the website for free, you can still land the deal simply by being able to offer this to your client, you’ll have a significant advantage over your competitor.

So think about it. Not only will you learn expert rich graphic art but you will also develop more skills to add more value to yourself by learning modern popular effects such as 3D parallax designs as well as graphics rich websites to include your artistic works in.

As an expert instructor, the primary concern is to teach you in a way where you can use critical thinking to help you resolve issues with wise solutions. We go beyond the typical and basics of designing mix-tape covers, but we also cover other expert topics so that you can go far beyond the basic understanding of what you initially came here to learn.

We made the deal sweeter by adding something you might not think you need, but again, we are here to not only teach you but to motivate you to add as much value to yourself as possible, so that you can be in a better position to not only have an advantage over your competitors, but your own personal work will stand out as well. In addition, we added some unasked for tidbit special effect sessions, (3D Parallax Web Effects) to inspire you to push yourself to greatness. Think outside of the box, go far beyond what’s normal, so that once you develop the necessary skills to do the initial job, you will also have a new set of skills to add to the mediocre, this raises your value and raised prices for your services is a byproduct of this. Now just $67.


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