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Mixtape Cover Design Art Sessions

Running Time: 3 Hours

Expert Photoshop Masters Mixtape Covers & Flyer Designs Training

Expert Teacher: Terrence Fleming
Learn from an industry expert who is passionate about teaching.

Instructor Tee “Grand Tizzle” uses Adobe Photoshop CS6 to produce high quality professional grade mix-tape covers and flyers. Becoming a V.I.P Member is a very smart investment because to fully grasp the techniques takes practice as well as continued training. In this theme session we will focus on the primary things listed below. As a VIP member we also encourage you to send in your work to be graded and critiqued so as to make sure that you are fully grasping the training techniques as well as get the most out of your investment. Consider this like an actual training bootcamp. In this session we cover the following.

We cover these topics along with the basics such as:

  • Secrets to make a seasoned expert looking mixtape design
  • Expert approach to cropping people from backgrounds
  • Tools used to create the cartoon effect
  • The proper use of blur to add movement to image elements
  • Where to go for a storehouse of free images
  • How experts use, curves to enhance images
  • Professional use of levels, and adjustment layers to mend image layers
  • How to change image proportions and depth
  • Best way to add realistic glows, and lens flares
  • How to add 3 point lighting to people with flat images
  • And much much more!

The Expert Topics Include:

  • What makes a successful layout?
  • Layout elements: shape, line, color, texture, type, and space
  • Using balance and tension to create a dynamic layout
  • Adding drama with contrast, colors, dimension and scale
  • Working with proportions: golden section, rule of thirds, etc.
  • Creating the right grid for your designs
  • Choosing simplicity or excess
  • Adding an element of surprise
  • Proper layout so images and typography work together


As an expert instructor, the primary concern is to teach you in a way where you can use critical thinking to help you resolve issues with wise solutions. We go beyond the typical and basics of designing mix-tape covers, but we also cover other expert topics so that you can go far beyond the basic understanding of what you initially came here to learn.

Graphic Design Training:

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