Portable Sound Booth

The first key to attaining excellent vocals is in it’s capturing stage. Noise free vocals allows you to focus more on enhancing the sound of your source rather than cleaning up any unwanted noise, boxy resonance or room reflective frequencies. Doing too much surgery to your vocals can cause frequency buildup and distress your vocals leaving no room for improvement. Capturing clean, quiet and quality vocals will allow breathing room to treat your vocals. Your Microphaom Home ensures that you capture the best quality sound from your mic as possible blocking out unwanted room noise, reflection and echo that’s tough to clean up out of your vocals.


Most of us record from our homes. Bedrooms, office space, basements, etc. More than likely these rooms are not treated properly acoustically. Walls have unwanted reflection, windows are even worst. With untreated ceilings, windows and doors, desktops, CPU’s, iMac monitors, fan noise, and air conditioning makes capturing vocals extremely difficult from a home based studio environment. Your Microphaom home will resolve most of these issues. This portable vocal booth will allow you to capture your vocals with less room noise artifacts and distractions. The foam walls are filled with diffused pyramid foams to not only absorb noise, but to also diffuse and breakup signal flow into your mic. This treatment helps your vocal recordings sound more natural and pleasing.


Microphoam Home is included in this bundle because recording quality vocals from “ANY” mic source is the essential first step in getting industry standard vocal recordings. This portable vocal booth can be sat on your desktop for voice overs, vlogs, or personal recordings as well as mounted to your mic stand. For recording rap artist and singers.

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Your Journey To Industry Standard Vocal Recordings

The music industry is ever changing with trends. Nowadays these trends move fast, here today, gone tomorrow and on to the next. But one thing that has always been on the forefront of the industry is a standard of quality in human vocals. As we all know, vocals are if not the absolute most important aspect of today’s music. Whilst at the same time, the most neglected part of new age production. With advancing technology. we loose grip on the true and traditional ways of the recording process. Technology has changed the way we proceed in setting proper levels, gain staging, mic settings, amplifier use, compression, enhancers, expanders, exciters and the list goes on. Our new music generation is told, “buy this mic, buy this sound card, record and go”. That’s good for the novice, but for a pro, that’s unacceptable.


The world is used to hearing a sound, a polished and professional sound. This sound is considered a standard. A frequency standard, and if you are trying to get people to enjoy what you created for them to listen to, then you have to be keenly aware of this standard. When people listen to your music, if they hear in your materials, frequencies that does not correlate to what they hear from there favorite artist, then you are put into a category. Most likely this category is in the amateur room. Your material begins to be treated as a cute hobby and nothing truly worthy of playing at parties, clubs let alone major events.


Big Vocals Training Videos teaches you what is used to attain these industry frequency vocals. It helps you to have a full understanding of why certain Pre-Amps was used, certain equalizers, and certain compressors was used. You may notice in a lot of the current vocals today in the music industry there is this sheen and sizzle that does not seem to come from raising the high shelf filter on an EQ, you know it’s something different, but you quite can’t seem to fully understand how to attain this sound. There is soft info out there on what some of the pros use, for example, most know that the Sony C800 is the go to mic for most pro’s and the Nuemann mics are pretty much standards for everyone who is someone in the industry, but most people don’t seem to understand why. And unfortunately most amateurs feel it’s just preference. But industry standard pros know exactly why these mic choices are important and by knowing this secret helps you to come very close to mimicking exactly what you hear the pros doing without this expert pro budget. And when you can mimic a $15,000 vocal chain with $500 worth of equipment is a game changer for you and your production.


These videos don’t just teach you how to attain these Big Epic Vocals, but it also helps you to understand the thought process and the mindset in setting up your vocal chain to achieve these frequencies, this allows you to alter, rotate and rearrange your vocal chain for any voice that you choose to record. You will know and understand that big clean, Drake style vocal chains will not fit on a very thin beautiful soft and subtle female vocalist. But you will know exactly what she will need to make her vocal frequencies pop for her own personal production. Understanding how to attain this sound is as important as your music itself. Clean polished, shiny and epic vocals is essential to producers and musicians serious about their art. 

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Use Any Mic From Any Source To Attain Top Pro Sound

Once you fully understand all the fundamentals of vocal recording, frequencies and more, your skill level will elevate to the point where you can literally use a vocal recording from something as simple as a cell phone to produce clean exceptional praise worthy production pieces. This tutorial training pushes your skills beyond the limit, pushing your knowledge to the core and challenges you to dig deep, helping you to craft and sculpt your audio and go from boxy, nasally, noisy, unflattering phone vocals into clean polished top notch professional lead and background vocals. It’s a challenge, but it can be done and we show you in this extremely advanced series sessions.


But we do more. In this series, we take just 1 take of a vocal, copy it, stack it, alter it’s pitch, frequency, timing and formant to create a choir of bold, clean and massive broad beautiful harmonies. Tapping into every tool available to use to our advantage. The sound quality affords the use of the finished material to be used as extremely professional demos, or independent company releases. You’ll know be able to reach out to those who are not physically available, with no physical studio, and no means of laying down professional vocals for your production. This series will help you be able to bridge the gap between you and many other very brilliant and talented singers or rappers the world over.


This training will add to your new found arsenal of knowledge and catapult you into an expert status mix engineer. Not only will you be able to maximize on your own production material, but you’d be in a position to assist others and secure revenue for your services. Advanced vocals training will equip you with all the insight you need to produce professional industry standard production from any source material thrown your way. 



Understanding How Sound Works Is Key

In order to fully grasp the advanced training it’s vital for you to understand sound and how it works. In this installment of the Masters of EQ, We show producers and beginner audio engineers how to properly apply equalization (EQ) and improve the sound of their mixes. The course covers the use of parametric and graphic EQs—and filters such as the high/low pass filters and shelf filters—in a variety of musical settings. These principles can be applied to any digital audio workstation platform, including Reason 9.5, FL Studio, Logic and Pro Tools, as well as analog workflows.

Topics include:

  • Measuring frequency and amplitude
  • Understanding the relationship between frequency and pitch
  • Working with EQ controls such as bandwidth (Q) and gain
  • Using graphic EQ
  • Understanding the shelving and high-pass and low-pass filters
  • Creating focus with EQ
  • Creating complementary EQ curves
  • Performing frequency bracketing with filters
  • Automating EQ
  • Using frequency analyzers
  • Using harmonic generators to excite frequency content


There is no substitute for this subject. Understanding how sound works opens up your mind to understanding. Understanding the way we hear and perceive sound allows us to understand how to manipulate it. It allows us to know how to direct it. It helps us to stay within the governed laws. You learn how sound operates by it’s laws and how understanding these laws equips us with the knowledge to know how to manipulate these laws to our advantage. Want more knock in the kick drum? Push this frequency, need more clarity in the vocals? Pull that frequency. Need more grit in something? Pull out this tube compressor, and make sure you don’t pass this threshold for that particular sound, and set it’s sweet spot ratio to 4.


Understanding how sound works also helps you to know how to treat rooms acoustically. You’ll understand reflections, and how reflections travel and in which direction. By understanding it’s direction helps you to know where to add diffusion and absorbents and more. It’s a common knowledge for mixing and recording engineers to know every fundamental of sound and is a must have knowledge for every single soul into the business of making music. This information is as important as knowing the language of the native tongue you speak in your lands.


These series of training DVDs will cover all aspects needed to elevate your knowledge to professional grade level producers and engineers. Invest in yourself, add value along with the insight that only the few elite experts know. Produce music with confidence, and release music that we can all appreciate and enjoy. Take full advantage of our introductory price of 50% off. Act fast, because this price will be elevated to it’s original price after the first few initial sells. Be the first to grab and save BIG!

See you on the other side Famalam! 

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