Hip Hop In Session Complete Training Toolkit

Get Hidden Insider Secrets on Beat Making Tips and Neck Popping Drum Pattern Swings! Boost your beat making production levels and energize your pattern swings. Don’t give up on your Beat Making Skills, there is HOPE!!!

Things that will be discussed in these Beat Making Videos:

  • Most Important Aspect of Drum Rhythm in Hip Hop
  • Drum Sample Quality
  • Drum Sample, bit-rate frequency and pitch
  • Samples, it’s Power!
  • How and Where to look for real good quality drum samples
  • The Foundation of Drum Patterns
  • Insider Drum Pattern Secrets
  • Stiff Drum Patterns
  • Loose Drum Patterns
  • Rhythm Swings
  • The Art of Ghosting
  • The Magic Behind Using Velocity
  • Knowing which Sample To Use in a Drum Pattern
  • Why To Use that Drum Sample
  • Tempo Preference
  • Swing Preference
  • Swing Percentage, commonly used
  • Using Quantization
  • When To Quantize, When Not To Quantize
  • Music Genre’s, and the quantization that match

and much much more..

See most people do not understand that it is a lot that goes on when it comes to making “GOOD” drum patterns, and this is what truly separates the mediocre BeatMakers from Professional Producers.

If you are tired of stiff patterns and want to energize your drum patterns, or if you’ve had enough of watching producers making dope beats, leaving you frustrated and aggravated with your own bland rhythm swings and patterns, then this new series is for YOU and you ONLY!


And that’s perfectly fine, because everybody shouldn’t know these secrets to begin with, this info is only for the diligent one. And you’ll understand why after watching these insider secrets.

Don’t worry partner, I open you up and expose to you hidden insider secrets that will get all of your drum patterns popping the necks of any listener.

And when you think of your favorite producer, is it not because of their drum patterns first that makes you admire their music sooo much?

STOP saying this to your favorite producer, “I can’t wait until I get to your level”, watch the video, get on your favorite producers level immediately!

Here is the link to the new video, check it out, leave feedback…and if it’s not enough to convince you, don’t worry, I will be posting more convincing sessions up to help you understand the power of having inside knowledge of real true DRUM PATTERN production talents.

Oh yeah, I don’t leave you hangin, I also provide the quality drum samples, Reason program MASTER files, loops and any other tools that you will need to help you move forward in this training course, so go ahead, check out the sessions….