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Learn the type of Hip-Hop and Chord Progressions to use when using a chord progression generator to make your own Hip Hop and R&B Beats. Learn How To Make Your Own Beats, through Hip Hop Production Tutorials and Videos and master Beat Making secrets tips and techniques the industry leaders hide from you, Learn How To Make Industry Standard Beats. And as a Hip Hop Rap Beats Producer, these things all producers should know if they want to consider themselves professional masters of the craft., Hip Hop Production Tips and Techniques goes much deeper than simple music theory. We teach you about the language of music. We teach the deeper things of music theory, so that you can become much greater as a music producer. You’ll learn more than just trap beats and r n b music production and chords used. You’ll understand how R&B beats is produced and much much more.

You can do these good quality beat-making techniques on a Mac as well as windows. You learn how to make beats in Garage-band, Propellerhead Reason, FL-Studio 10 and 11, Fruity Loops, Cubase Pro 8, Albeton-Live, Kontakt, Kord nanopad and more. Logic pro, Pro-Tools and much more. Soon I will be teaching you how to sell them, how to produce apps and even record your vocals and full songs at home on your personal PC. Want your audio to sound better? Want your beats to sound louder? Then you might be interested in my product called ” Masters Of EQ” and you can find that app program online at my website Check it out, you’ll be sounding like a Pro! You can also find out how to make good beats free online at thee site as well. You can also count on learning various styles, like J Dilla Style Beats, J Cole, Johnny J, Juicy J, J Cole, Kayne West, Lorde and many more.

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and Rap Instrumental Tutorials 2015 Aggressive Hard Redartmedia1. What up doe Fam, welcome to my version of worldhiphop beats, but this ain’t worldstar, this is class! I will be posting up hip hop instrumentals and then shortly after do a video tutorial showing you how it was produced.

I’m using the techniques taught from my DVD training tutorials “Hip Hop Chord Progressions Cycle of Fifths. You can get that at Forget about those expensive audio engineer schools, come to, save money and learn all what the pro’s know in a FREE fun exciting and intuitive way.