We specialize in teaching you the true and practical tricks and trades of Hip Hop and R&B Production.

How To Make Beats Online

This website does not only teach you the basics and fundamentals of Hip Hop Production, this website teaches you the very nuances of hip hop beat making and R&B production. See, we don’t just show you how we make beats, showing off our skills, we literally walk you through step by literal step, so that you do not need to ask for anything else having to do with Hip Hop Production. You also learn the deep and simple knowledge of Music Theory, The Cycle Of Fifths and anything that will help you to produce mature highly polished and professional hip hop beats and R&B music.

Beat Making Software Tutorials

The tutorials that we produce are not limited to the software we use. We don’t teach you how to use your software, because software changes, it upgrades etc. We teach you more than making beats on your own personal platform. If we did this we will need to make each tutorial 20 times for each software out there! We tech you basic fundamentals so that you will be able to use these tips anywhere on any CPU using any software of hardware. You learn music theory’s foundation and drum pattern foundation so that you can produce a hit record with your eyes closed.

Beat Maker Tips and Tricks

We do not just teach you tips and tricks of the beat making hip hop production trade, you also learn the mindset of those who produce such material. This understanding of the mindset helps you to develop within yourself your own techniques. You’ll never be driven to copy, simply because we don’t teach you exact methods that you copy,instead we teach you to learn to think so that production that you produce is yours, although we still use professional hip hop producers as reference. But we take you a step further, we also supply you with tangible tools, like drum samples and program files.