Guide To Making Beats: Make Your Own Beats Online

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Guide To Making Beats: Make Your Own Beats Online
It was produced to introduce my new online degree programs and training courses at In essence you don’t actually attain a degree, but your training courses will be almost equivalent to taking online classes or a real college media program.
The education presented in these online tutorials will have you shooting high quality professional style media. Added to this you can opt to take a music production course by learning the basics of Hip Hop production and music theory. I use a quick approach and equip you with all that you will need to accomplish all the things that a well known college such as Phoenix would teach you. But of course at the fraction of the cost.
This internet business has changed my life, helping me to attain knowledge that otherwise would take me an entire lifetime to achieve. But because of the business advanced knowledge, I’m able to assist anyone who is interested in learning or educating themselves in these various fields of curriculum. Cinematography has been a passion of mine for more that 20 years know and with the boom in reasonably priced technology we are now able to develop and dispense high valued high production quality works as the big hat industry has the ability to do without all of the college and expensive time consuming education out.
The software used to produce this production piece was Adobe CS6 Premiere, Photoshop CS5 Magic Bullet “Looks” After Effects for some minor color correction.
LOL….and no I didn’t go to any University to learn these things, and you won’t have to either, I had to go through a lot of trial and error, the only thing that was on my side is my love and passion for film and music and video production and art! I figured I’d kill to birds with one stone, my son wanted to be a Youtube celeb, and I’m guessing folks don’t want to see an old guy like myself up here putting it down, so I used my son to present my works to those who are interested in educating themselves in the world of mass media.
Fortunately for you and your business, reasonably priced software and hardware, along with new technology and easy accessible education, now you to can learn how to develop and deliver high quality content for Youtube, your company, label or any other media outlet you have going on for yourself. Join the associates of Beatmakers and Video producers and learn all you can, it will pay off for you in the long run…