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The Latest And Greatest Work from a Hip Hop Production Guru!

Monster Beats

Here is one of my latest pieces. I’ve been doing so many things for so many people, I decided to do one thing for myself, spend quality time producing a fun beat. Well a lot of time went into the beat for the sole purpose of shooting a very cool, epic and explosive music video of me as a phantom producer. This beat is the first of 1000’s that I will be posting online and it’s the introduction to my new beat site This site is strictly for rap artist or R&B artist in need of production. All tutorials will continue and all new tutorials will be based on the production produced for the new site. Tutorials are not for everyone, everyone do not want to know how to make a beat, some just want to purchase them, some want to learn how to make them for themselves, either way I’m going to have you completely covered. I have a channel channel soley for the purpose of beats, and strictly beats! The link will be posted. Need to learn the dynamics of this type of beat making? Check out, need just the beats? Check out Thank you for your support, watching, subbing, sharing commenting or anything other activity you do, thanks. fam….

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Make Your Own Rap Instrumentals | Kendrick Lamar “To Pimp A Butterfly” Type Beats Hip Hop Production Instrumental

This Kendrick Lamar beat was inspired by “TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY” album. These type of beats mesmerize me! I listened to it and a review is coming! To summarize what I heard? Two words, “THANKS LAMAR!” It knocked me away, it’s so much to say about The album, the beats, the lyrics, the message, the context, Lamar to me is the new “something” of our time, and I will have better words to describe how his recent move he made towards this album, but personally, I’m grateful.

To Pimp A Butterfly, first of all the rap beats sounds like nothing out there! The production is powerful, not much truly inspires me to make beats, but this album did just so. But what I really truly enjoy is the album to me personally is so diverse, that it brings the spirit of true gritty hip hop production back onto the scene, and what I really find truly ironic, is that the boy is from Compton, ironic how a west coast rapper gets a pass to reintroduce true hip hop back to the scene. And what I mean about hip hop is not just the sound, but the idea to do freely what you truly want to do in your heart and not appeal to what the labels, or the streets tell you what you should do, that’ is the hip hop I remember, and that’s what initially brought me into the game.

If you like this beat and would like to use it, go over to, signup for a free account and you will have access to the free downloads page, thanks for listening subscribing and sharing.

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How To Make Trap Beats Hi-Hat Snare Rolls Beat-Maker Tutorials using Propellerhead Reason 8

Download Combinator Link:

Original Trap Hi-Hat Tutorial:

Learn the type of Hip-Hop and Chord Progressions to use when using a chord progression generator to make your own Hip Hop and R&B Beats. Learn How To Make Your Own Beats, through Hip Hop Production Tutorials and Videos and master Beat Making secrets tips and techniques the industry leaders hide from you, Learn How To Make Industry Standard Beats. And as a Hip Hop Rap Beats Producer, these things all producers should know if they want to consider themselves professional masters of the craft., Hip Hop Production Tips and Techniques goes much deeper than simple music theory. We teach you about the language of music. We teach the deeper things of music theory, so that you can become much greater as a music producer. You’ll learn more than just trap beats and r n b music production and chords used. You’ll understand how R&B beats is produced and much much more.

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How To Make Beats Online

We specialize in teaching you the true and practical tricks and trades of Hip Hop and R&B Production.

How To Make Beats Online

This website does not only teach you the basics and fundamentals of Hip Hop Production, this website teaches you the very nuances of hip hop beat making and R&B production. See, we don’t just show you how we make beats, showing off our skills, we literally walk you through step by literal step, so that you do not need to ask for anything else having to do with Hip Hop Production. You also learn the deep and simple knowledge of Music Theory, The Cycle Of Fifths and anything that will help you to produce mature highly polished and professional hip hop beats and R&B music.

Beat Making Software Tutorials

The tutorials that we produce are not limited to the software we use. We don’t teach you how to use your software, because software changes, it upgrades etc. We teach you more than making beats on your own personal platform. If we did this we will need to make each tutorial 20 times for each software out there! We tech you basic fundamentals so that you will be able to use these tips anywhere on any CPU using any software of hardware. You learn music theory’s foundation and drum pattern foundation so that you can produce a hit record with your eyes closed.

Beat Maker Tips and Tricks

We do not just teach you tips and tricks of the beat making hip hop production trade, you also learn the mindset of those who produce such material. This understanding of the mindset helps you to develop within yourself your own techniques. You’ll never be driven to copy, simply because we don’t teach you exact methods that you copy,instead we teach you to learn to think so that production that you produce is yours, although we still use professional hip hop producers as reference. But we take you a step further, we also supply you with tangible tools, like drum samples and program files.

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