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Best New Female Rapper From Detroit | Queen Monkeei

Queen Monkeei | New Next Female Rap Artist From Detroit | “Bricks” Music Video 2018 “Beatrix Kiddo


When I first encountered Queen Monkeei, I was surprised when she told me she rapped. This was because her tone was soft, her persona was extremely mild. Like a calm and quieting brewing storm. And to me this is what completely separates Queen from the rest of Detroit’s female rap movement. She’s tough, as any other male or female born and raised in the D, but her tough was very different to me.

It’s like a Godfather tough. You can tell her intelligence in her manner as she speaks to you and how she respects and observe your space and position, as would the Godfather. The Godfather would always respect a man, just so long as this man like wise return the gesture. But we all know what happens if you turn on The GF.

I met The Queen of Detroit at an Open Mic on E. Warren at The Club Royalty. I asked her and her colleagues to participate in a commercial we was filming on behalf of Open Mic Nights “I Am Dope” presented by Flex Ya Skillz Ent. With his daughter Taij B. as a second host and headliner of the shows. Queen Monkeei’s vibe was as if she was just a fan, until she told me she was performing as well. But like all new comers she was one of the last to perform.

Most people were leaving, of course because most Detroiters miss supporting each other after they receive all the support they need. Anyway I decided to stay, and boy I’m glad I did. Her performance was shocking. Not to just me, but to the entire audience. Her humble appearance, and even the way she presented the song on stage was displayed in a way where she was not to sure if her performance was going to be good or not. But The Queen had as all psyched out!!!

What I loved about Queen Monkeei was her demeanor. She got this tough kid next door vibe that would never pick a fight or bully you, but if someone ever tried you she would bring that pit bull part of her out and respond accordingly. You’d never think she was tough on the outset, but her words, and the way she used them had so much passion, truth, grit, reality and pain behind it you felt it and you knew it was real. You find yourself feeling drawn to it because of the authenticity of it. It felt like you knew her your whole life, her bounce, her lingo, her slang, they way she says her rhymes with character, intrigue and authority.

Her choice of beats and production, the music she decided to rhyme to even compliments the whole creation.

Queen Monkeei’s creativity is through the roof. Coming from Detroit as a female rapper ain’t easy. You really gotta fight hard to win over the ears of a hardened city guy, but with her, it’s no effort. After her performance the crowd gave her a loud round of applause. Now keep in mind, this is Detroit, WE DON’T CARE ABOUT NOOOOOOBODY!!!! And yet, this mild manner, quiet toned round away girl, came, rocked, shook us woke and helped us to recognize, there’s truly a new and satisfying female rap artist on the rise from Detroit.

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YANNY VS LAUREL Explained Hidden Message Perhaps Another Great Distraction

YANNY VS LAUREL Explained Hidden Message Perhaps Another Great Distraction The audio version of “the dress” cleaved the internet, and likely your family, your friends, or your office, into two bitterly divided camps on Tuesday: the Laurels and the Yannys.

It began, as it so often does, with a viral clip posted by a high schooler on Reddit, which blew up when Cloe Feldman, a YouTuber and social media influencer, added it to her Instagram story and then to Twitter, asking, “What do you hear?! Yanny or Laurel.” That should have settled it, because it’s obviously “Laurel.” But people out there are convinced, for some reason, that this weird robot voice is repeating “Yanny.” (Some people even claim they alternate between hearing “Laurel” and “Yanny,” or, strangest of all, hear both simultaneously. Some people even hear “Geery” or “Garry” or something in between.)

So what’s going on here? The clip is playing around with frequency and it depends on the range of frequencies listeners hear.

What “Yanny” and “Laurel” have in common “There’s just enough ambiguity in this fairly low-quality recording that [some] people are hearing it one way and some people are hearing it another,” Brad Story, the associate department head of speech, language, and hearing sciences at Arizona State University, told me.

Humans typically pay attention to three different frequencies when they’re listening to speech. Story said the lowest of the three frequencies is “absolutely essential” for the L’s and R’s — the consonants that make up “Laurel.” “So when you’re listening to ‘Laurel,’ the reason you get L, R, and L is because of the movement of that third frequency,” he said.

Here’s the catch. The word “Yanny,” the second frequency, has almost exactly the same pattern as the L, R, L in “Laurel,” he added. One reason for the confusion is the poor quality of the recording. “Typically, if you have a high-quality recording and you’re listening on a good device of some sort, you’re not ever going to be confused by those,” Story said.

So if you’re hearing “Laurel,” you’re likely picking up on the lower frequency. If you hear “Yanny,” you’re picking up on the higher frequency.

It really comes down to how our brains pick up on and interpret these frequencies, a professor of linguistics at the University of Hawaii, said. He suggested that isolating these frequencies basically homes in on the critical information, making it easier for the brain to pay attention to just “Laurel” or just “Yanny.” Good news for both “Laurel” and “Yanny” people: the clip is pretty confusing People might be able to focus on the higher frequencies — the Yannys among us — because they have really great headphones or very good hearing, Benjamin Munson, a professor of speech, language, and hearing sciences at University of Minnesota, suggested.

“But for the rest of us with po’folk headphones and old-folk hearing, we just hear the lowest-frequency components,” he wrote in an email.

But don’t panic too much about your hearing if you’re on Team Laurel. One likely source of the confusion is the clip itself, which doesn’t correspond to the sounds humans generally make when they’re speaking. Vowels and some consonants, like the those heard in “Laurel” and “Yanny,” have many frequencies when humans pronounce them through the vocal tract, Munson wrote, not unlike “hundreds of tuning forks playing at once.”

This is a spectrogram (a visual representation of those frequencies) of the “Laurel versus Yanny” meme. The dark bands represent what are known as “formants,” the frequencies that resonate the loudest. Vowels pronounced by humans have multiple formants, but the first two formants (F1 and F2) are crucial to determining what the vowel sounds like — such as whether you’re making an “eee” sound or an “ooo” sound. “I heard the higher-frequency formant sequences when I first listened to this signal two hours ago and thought that they maybe were someone talking in the background. Then I thought ERMERGERD, IT’S THE AUDIO VERSION OF THE RING,” Munson joked.

There isn’t actually another voice in there, he said. It’s just the lower-frequency patterns repeated at a higher frequency. Again, that mismatch — or “shenanigans,” as Munson called it — doesn’t happen with human speech.

Why this is going on in the Laurel/Yanny clip is less clear. “One possibility is that the formant pattern at the higher frequencies is just ‘Laurel’ transposed to higher frequencies, and that ‘Laurel’ sounds like [‘Yanny’] at higher frequencies,” Munson wrote. Another guess is that “Laurel” and “Yanny” got smashed together. But all this confusion — those so-called “shenanigans” — forces our brains to fill in the blanks of how the clip should sound.

It’s possible that knowing there are two choices — “Laurel” and “Yanny” — preps us to hear one or the other distinctly. Or listeners could be affected by the language they speak, or the last thing they were listening to before they clicked on the meme.

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The Hottest New Female Artist from Detroit 2018

The Hottest New Female Artist from Detroit 2018


Who’s The Hot New Female Artist from Detroit? We can all agree that Kash Doll, Taij B, Dej Loaf, Molly Brazy, Neisha Neshae, La’Britney and more has been doing things to bring attention to the female artist scene in Detroit. But there’s a new one on the rise, this one gives me chills though, (she’s different) VERY DIFFERENT!!!! Unlike anything I’ve ever seen, heard or felt since Michael Jackson was alive as King! To understand my fascination of this female, I have to first tell you the STORY OF HOW I DISCOVERED THIS FEMALE ICON NEW RECORDING ARTIST THEY CALL “KNOBELE'”.



The first encounter with this entity, and I say entity because I haven’t seen or heard this person yet. But I did see a graffiti tag. On the wall, it just read “I’m Knobele’, :-)” I thought it was interesting, with a little smiley face attached to the tag. I thought nothing of it, and went on about my day.

So what does this have to do with “The Hottest New Female Artist from Detroit 2018?” Just keep on reading. 🙂

A month later, I see this tag again, “I’m Knobele, :-)”…….then I thought to myself, “Deja vu”. Thought not much of it and went on about my day.

Then one hot day I decided to hang out with my female partner and we stopped at Mickey D’s to use the restroom for an emergency, the fries was smelling crazy, so I grabbed a small bag, ate it and walked out, I finished the fries before I left and went to throw away the bag and what I saw on the top of the can lid was a sticker, low and behold guess what it read “I’m Knobele'” no smiley face, but it was a sticker. I stopped in my tracks, with a confused type look on my face, I was thinking to myself confusingly…”I seen this before”. I asked my partner “Have you ever heard of Knobele’? She said what is it? I replied “I don’t know”, then I said “but it has to be a person, because I keep seeing the word, “I’m” in front of the name so I assume it’s a person. My partner replies, “sounds familiar” then shrugs. I threw away my fries and we headed out.

3 months later I went to The Bull Frog in Michigan to check out some local male and female rap artists talent. Detroit has come up, and has really polished up as far as having a much more professional sound. I was very impressed, but had to leave early as to complete some work at the studio. As I’m headed to the car I noticed 6 very attractive females passing out small flyers outside of the Bull Frog. What I found interesting is the fact that they were all dressed alike. They all had vixen model bodies…lol, and they all had on these very large wide brimmed Fedora hats covering their faces, so all you saw was the banging bodies in those body suits and the hats. It was fun and interesting to look at, because let’s just face it, who goes there anymore today, right? Now check this, they all were in sync, they all walked simultaneously to there cars and pulls off. I was thinking, “OK, that was interesting”. As I walks over to my car I’m noticing flyers all thrown about and spread out on the side walk, I walks to open my door to see one of the flyers stuck in my window near my door handle. I picks it up and on it was a Mardi Gras eye mask and a pair of Red Bottom Louboutins, but the flyer said nothing, no time, place, date, no club name, nothing, just the image, I found that peculiar, so before tossing it I turned it around, guess what words I saw? “I’m Knobele, wink, wink”. I said “Oh Hell Naw!!!”…lol…..

So you’re probably thinking what I’m thinking at this point, or a million other thoughts as well. I was fascinated! I was excited, and became very anxious about this Knobele’, because obviously, I want to know what the hell is this “Knobele'” thing or person or SOMETHING!!! I said to my self, these people or entity are either some advanced minded marketing gurus from another realm, or a bunch of psychopaths preparing us for some crazy ish to pop off.

So of course at this point, this person had me. I’m thinking to myself, obviously this person is a somebody, someone or something important. So I did what any other like minded millennial would do, I googled “Knobele”. And what I found was interested, the clues started to come together. But what was more fascinating to me is the fact that somehow, this person made me go out on a hunt, and not the other way around, well in a way I guess, but I still was more driven to seek them out because of the fascinating way they got into my subconscious.

First thing I saw was a Youtube video, entitled: “I’m Knobele”. I sat back in my studio chair like, “OMG!” I just sat there for like 7 minutes. Just staring. Thinking to myself, all this time, all this promotion, all that marketing got me right here at this very moment, what on earth can I expect to hear? Truth be told, I did not want to listen. I was so impressed with the campaign, I did not want to ruin the thrill of the chase. See I knew that if I listened to this song or watched a video and this “Knobele” did not deliver, then that would ruin EVERYTHING! So I was very hesitant. But of course, you know that curiosity always kills the cat, so, “click”, I clicked on the link, then “click” again, I clicked the youtube play button.

The video started.

But I heard nothing. I figured, it must be a delay, I still heard nothing, I thought to myself, maybe i didn’t hit play, or the computer locked up, so I went to hit play again, but noticed the video cursor play indicator was moving, I also noticed the timer was counting, at this point it was at 22 seconds. So I’m thinking to myself, WTF? So I reached to turn it off and I heard a sigh. My eyebrows frowned because now I’m not only confused, but a bit baffled. I’m thinking to myself, is this person breathing? I wanted to click stop, but something inside of me was locked, now I want to know “whats really really going on around here???” So I sat and just listened to the silence.

I slowly sat back in my chair. I then smiled. I said to myself with a subtle inside laughter “they’re good”, heh heh, okay they got me, they good…

Then unexpectedly I hear a females voice sigh, as if she was stressing, or crying or something, but it was an “oh well” sigh. Then for the first time in months I heard her voice. She said “I’m Knobele”.

Then I heard a very beautiful breathtaking acoustic guitar playing a chord progression I did not even know could exist. It had my mind, heart, soul and body in a trance. The chord progressions of the guitar melody resonated through my core as if it was the meaning of life. As if the progressions came from an unearthly entity…lol….I mean it was mesmerizing.

Knobele’s voice was traditional, decent, not over the top, but had a very down to earth girl next door vibe, but what captured my heart was not so much the sound of her voice, because there is many beautiful voice sounding artists, but it was literally her way with words. She knew exactly what to say that had me hypnotized and mesmerized. It resonated with my soul, that same way Stevie Wonder’s content resonated with the souls of back then. Something I have not felt in music for a very very long time. I understand that a lot of people can sing, but the right words can end a war.

When I listened to her sing, she said things that only my core could relate too, she broke through the protective custody of my ego. My ego did not understand the language of Knobele, only my core. This song was the best song I’ve heard in all my life. From that exact moment I became a lifetime loyal fan.

Now, here is the very sad update. The next day I went to listen to Knobele, and the song was gone. The site was gone, The page was gone. Once again, I said to myself, WTF is going on?

I’m currently looking for Knobele. A female artist that right now I consider to be the next best top female artist from Detroit. If you hear what I’ve heard, I’m sure you’d feel the same.

I don’t know or understand whats going on with Knobele’, but I do know that I’m sold, and I will do all I can to keep you in the loop of our very own new and upcoming female recording artist from Detroit, Knobele’.

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