Best New Female R&B Singer from Detroit

This fresh new female singer-songwriter Knobele‘ (pronounced Noble) is considered to be one of the best and hottest female R&B singers emerging from today’s music industry! She’s also considered to be the Hottest Female R&B Singer In Detroit!

How do we know this, because she is not only a true and passionate R&B singer, but she also writes all of her own lyrics and has mastered it in such a way that her music will not only inspire you and touch your soul, but it will also encourage you and keep your body dancing, moving and romancing! They are brilliant!

She tells her stories in such a way of pure honesty, that the lyrics grab you and pull you in for a deeper understanding! A deeper connection to Knobele‘. It’s like she takes you on her journey! She has a way of writing what she is feeling in such a way that makes sense to you, me and anyone who listens!

I have truly had the pleasure of hearing some remarkable and beautiful music and Knobele’s presence will put you in the mind of “Glamour”  “Mysterious” and “Beautiful”

The girl has a future “Diana Ross Glow” about her, once you set eyes on her, you will not be able to take them off of her. She has those eye too, there is something about those eyes! You want to know more and more. I cannot wait until her music is available for us all to download and stream from digital outlets like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Apple and more!

Just like the late beautiful Aaliyah, Knobele‘ stands out from the crowd! It’s almost like she walked off the page of Vogue or Elle magazine, she’s a true Cover Girl in every sense of the word. Her music and sound is the icing on the cake for those who have the chance to get a taste of what she has cooked up for the world to relish! She is definitely the hottest female r&b artist in Detroit and I see her as being the hottest new female r&b artist in this industry!

It is fascinating to be a part of this magnificent shift in music, the rebirth of R&B starts here and now. The music world has missed this form of R&B complex but simply pure music since the 90’s! Artist like Ella Mai and H.E.R are making a foothold in this R&B genre as well.

We all yearn for this! The industry is missing and needing REAL music, REAL emotions, Real life lessons of pain, joy, harmony and overcoming and standing in complete confidence of self!  Knobele‘ gives you every ounce of this with passion, desire, love, beauty, poise, and pure soul!