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If you purchased our exclusive offer “The Gift”

This video will help you appreciate all the valuable things you will learn in these videos by taking advantage of this exclusive 1 time offer. Everything is broken down into explicit detail so that all of your questions will be answered.

It covers as follows:

  • Hip Hop In Session Vol. 1-20
  • Hip Hop Chord Progressions Vol. 1-5
  • Beat Essentials Training
  • Beats & Chords (More Advanced Production)
  • Master The EQ – All you need to know about Mixing and Mastering
  • Web Development Training – How to develop websites for your content
  • Music Video Production Training – Vol. 1

Learn How To Make You Own Beats, Chords & Progressions, Mixing & Mastering, Web Design and Development & Professional Music Videos

I have some valuable information that I’d like to share with you. We have a very special investment premium offer tailored for you.
We have a unique premium educational product entitled, (The Gift: “YOUR OWN EMPIRE”). It’s a bundle of our entire production media collection. It’s packed with knowledge!

And since knowledge is power, what you are investing in is……. POWER!

This gift package has various aspects of media production training equivalent to a college education. Perhaps even greater than!

This unique premium educational package has all the primary media aspects that you will need to become a complete functional Recording Label, media business or self made entrepreneur. These videos cover in explicit detail:


  • Beginner to Advanced Hip Hop Production

Product-005-ALLIn a nutshell! This course helps you to understand how to develop the secret skills only the professional elite producers in the game knows. These tutorials get into the heart of hip hop production, it gets into the mindset of the elite producers covering every style, every genre, every secret which includes all the hidden secrets the industry pros use to get their production to mesmerize it’s audience. Nothing is left unanswered, every question you can think of is answered in this 20 Volume hip hop production video training collection. We strive to help you to (understand) allowing you to develop the proper thinking when it comes to producing good quality music.

This allows you to:

Save time, money, energy and effort. You don’t have to waste any more time on “Show Off” producers, all they do is show off their own skills and talents leaving you to learn very very! With this course you’ll be able to immediately answer questions such as:

  • How did a producer think of this?
  • How did a producer come up with that?
  • How can I approach my own production?
  • What state of mind should I be in when I want to produce a gritty track?
  • How should I approach an R&B track?
  • What chords or melodies should I use to make a trap house beat?
  • And much much more.

(This is a very small summary of whats included in HHIS Vol. 1-20)


  • Drum Samples – All the Industry Standards

The drum samples included in this package are genuine premium industry samples. No, they are not stock sounds, these are literal drum samples that sits in the PC’s, Macs and drum machines of music industry professional producers across the globe. Now they are in your hands. I do not sell drum samples often, but if I run into some industry standards that I would use myself, then I pass them on to you. See I want you to have the advantage over all of your friendly competition. For years I’ve been searching for specific sounding drums that’s used today! I have those from yesterday, but today is what matters and now they are available to you!

This means that:

Your songs will sound like the music industry effortlessly! Your tracks will have bite, kick, and snap! Your tracks will have body and weight! Your music will sound organic without the need to put in any effort as far as processing or mixing.Kit includes:

  • Thick thumping kicks drums
  • Tuned 808 processed kicks
  • Tight 808 snares
  • Processed stacked 808 Snares & Claps
  • Various tightly EQ’d clicks, snicks and snaps
  • Warm Organic Kick and Snare combos
  • Clean, bright rims, hi-hats and crashes


(This is a very small summary of the value of these drum samples)

  • Beat Making Essentials – Covering all Genres, Coasts, Styles and Patterns.

Product-004-Beat-EssentialsBeat Making essentials digs deep into the core of beat making. It’s a dedicated training session with exclusive training on drum patterns, styles and genre’s. This collection of tutorials talks about the beginning of Hip Hop Production, how genre’s was started, how that influenced the way we play drums, and how swings and patterns effect the mood of the listeners. We help you to understand what best tempos are used for each genre’s pattern class as well as the proper drum samples used to compliment each patterns and much more. You learn step patterns such as whats used in Reason ReDrum and Fruity Loops as well as traditional drum patterns produced with hardware tools such as MPC Series drum machines and Maschine.

You learn the theory behind beat making that will help you to understand how to put together styles such as:

  • Dirty South / Krunk
  • Trap / Drill
  • Traditional east coast hip hop
  • Traditional west coast hip hop
  • J Dilla Style – offset neck snapping
  • Grimey/Gritty East Coast
  • G – Funk West Coast & K.R.U.M.P
  • Midwest / Atlanta / R&B
  • Techno / House
  • And more….

This allows you to stay ahead of the competition by always being able to switch styles and musical genre’s on demand. This helps you to stay diverse and always in the loop of the constant changing music production. It helps you to not fall into the trap of a particular style. Music production styles changes very often and when you have the ability and know how to keep up with the changes you will never be limited to a particular style or ever sound dated.


  • Music Theory – Cycle Of Fifths – Chord Progressions Vol. 1-5

Our music theory chord progression series pushes your music production a leap forward. Once you learn the basics of music production and gain deeper understanding of the fundamentals of beat making drum patterns and genre’s we then emerge you into music theory.

This is where you learn to speak the language of music. We show you how music works, how it communicates to each other and how this understanding will help you put together more meaningful and mature well thought out production pieces.

You learn the cycle of fifths, the cycle of fourths and how we use a number system to put together chords and progressions. And the best part is that we teach you in a way that even a 4 year old can understand it!

By knowing music theory and how it’s language relates to each other helps you in many ways. It allows you to sound much more mature and seasoned. It helps your music sound full, complete and well rounded. Production sales goes through the roof! Because your music sounds better you can charge more. Understanding theory helps you to use less effort to produce greater production, for example, by knowing theory, all you’d need now is a drum pattern, bass guitar and piano and you can produce endless hits, without any effort. Here is an example of what knowing theory can do for your production:

By adding new knowledge to yourself you raise your personal value tremendously. You will always be the one sought after for production needs. And you raise yourself above a traditional sample based beat maker, your become a full fledged music producer. Lacking nothing and having a significant advantage over all other producers.

And the best news is that the way we teach you, easy, simply, silly and fun.

  • Mixing and Mastering – Professional and clear understanding of Equalization, Filters, Processing

Product-001-EQOur Mixing and Mastering training series raises your value to an even higher level. This is why this package is key for absolutely anyone who is interested in become a true digital media & arts professional.

“Master The EQ” series videos teaches you first the basic fundamentals of sound, the the fundamentals of frequency and how we perceive sound by digging into the science of hearing. Once you have a grip on these fundamentals then we help you to understand how to use this information to mold, scope and shape those sound frequencies to your liking.

Training Includes:

  • Measuring frequency and amplitude
  • Understanding the relationship between frequency and pitch
  • Working with EQ controls such as bandwidth (Q) and gain
  • Using graphic EQ
  • Understanding the shelving and high-pass and low-pass filters
  • Creating focus with EQ
  • Creating complementary EQ curves
  • Performing frequency bracketing with filters
  • Automating EQ
  • Using frequency analyzers
  • Using harmonic generators to excite frequency content


And whats most important to me is how you learn, I want you to get it, grasp it! So I will not use words or jargon thats over your head, I use a down to earth approach that is easy to absorb and quick to grasp and understand. In this way you will learn 10x faster than if you went to any training facility.

  • Web Design and Development:

MAKE-YOUR-OWN-BEATS-HIP-HOP-PRODUCTION-BEAT-MAKING-DVD-TRAINING-TUTORIALS-INSTRUMENTALS-TYPE-BEATS-ESSENTIALS-011This product was made for the ones determined to take full advantage of this digital age! Determined not to be left behind as everyone else zooms past in full throttle. Lately there has been a movement, a subtle change right before our eyes. It has been the World Wide Web! Gone are the days of the old web format simple “html” layouts, now there’s xhtml, css, php, java, content management, web 2.0 and much more and although the web sites are much more interactive and sophiticated, they are also much more easier to use and develop. You’ll see in this DVD.


Learn how to develop, customize and host web 2.0 websites. Today, websites is an absolute necessity. Having any sort of skills without a website is like having a house without a phone. With the very low fee’s it takes to host a site, it would be primitive of you to not own at least a simple blog. Web 2.0 sites now takes the mystery out of website development and wordpress, and is the stepping stone into a completely new outlook on life via the web.

We are now connecting with people all over the globe due to the web and learning earlier in the game will promptly prepare you for the future. From personal experience, web 2.0 has been the answer to all of my problems, not only is it easy to learn but it’s user friendly. My son could run, host and operate a web 2.0 built site. You don’t need to have any html skills, or php coding knowledge, just the basic skills needed to open, run and operate the site. It’s convenient, reliable and can be monitored and edited anywhere even away from home.


Oh, and it’s completely customizable! You can change the look with a push of the button. I could go on and on, but instead I want you to get the training course, if you are interested in website development, specifically for “WORDPRESS” then these sessions are for you. Are you impressed with our new website layout? Would you like to learn how you too can develop and customize sites like this as well as many others? Well this is the DVD for you, you will not regret the info you’re going to learn here. It’s a little long, but very very easy to understand, you’ll be up and running in just a few hours. And for the advanced sessions, I will be revealing some of the best kept secrets online.

  • Music Video Production Training: 

You have beautiful music, that sounds like it’s been produced by legendary producers, which also sounds like it’s been mixed and master by industry moguls, all posted on a beautiful web site designed by an elite team of graphic gurus, crafted all from the comfort of your living room, bedroom, den or office.

Well you have all that you need to run your operations, except…………video! This course will teach you in less than 24 hours how to produce a full fledged music video. And the best part is that you might simply have all you need in your very own pockets!

Now before you go thinking I’m fetching, give me time, I will explain, but meanwhile check out what you’re going to learn.

  • The equipment you’ll need to make your video
  • Understanding all the basic features and tools of that camera
  • Camera Angles, Shot Sizes, composition, movement, dolly tracking etc…
  • How to get the right lighting for your music video
  • Story boarding
  • Script-writing
  • Music Video treatments
  • Gorilla Shooting
  • And much much more….

We teach you every single thing you will need to know to immediately shoot your own music video.

This would allow you to understand how to pick your camera choice, lens, lighting, tripods, monopod, anything that has to do with shooting a music video all the way to the final editing of that video.

This is just a very brief summary of what you will learn with this premium training bundle. More explicit details per training course is coming soon, but the offer will certainly not last, so don’t hesitate and wait until it’s too late, act now! You’ll thank me later, promise!

At A Price Anyone Can Afford

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Hey Mr Fleming, I've said it before but I can't reiterate it enough of how your Beat Maker Tutorials helped me way back in 2004. I was a Reason and Cubase newbie and didn't know a thing and I watched all kinds of intimidating tutorials with British accents Lol! It was so cool to learn from you and your down to earth fun tutorials! My current success has its roots in your teachings. Thanks again and someday I will return the favor!
Joseph Taylor Scroggs
Joseph Taylor Scroggs
Rudiment The Producer | Beat Maker
Waddup fam? Just wanna let you know how grateful I am for everything you've taught me over the years. It's a rare opportunity for independent musicians like myself to get mentored by someone who's been in the game for a long time and that's actually taking their time to truly teach us everything they know! I highly recommend all of your DVD's to anybody who's interested in learning Hip Hop production and all the important fundamentals about music theory!
Victor Matus Roos
Victor Matus Roos
Nome-D Productions
Grand Tizzle....What up big bro? I haven't herd from you in a minute, hope all is well? As for me well I currently got placements on Keeping up with the Kardashians 2 different episodes and The Real World. I got my first royalty check in march, waiting on june for my next one. Seems like yesterday i was your star beat making pupil lol, hey you know i owe you allot bro real talk!!! No matter how big i get never will i forget where i came from and all you taught me. Don't be a stranger, swing by my page some time let me know your alive!
Mike Who Mistro Music Producer and Elite Beat Maker
Mike Who Mistro Music Producer and Elite Beat Maker
Beat Maker, Chord Progression Master & Industry Producer
Grand Tizzle!!! Man you are the man for what you do and provide. My game beat making game has stepped way up following your advice. I spent some money but it was all worth it. Got Jermaine Griggs materiel because of you and that made me more knowledgeable on those keys. But again, I had to give you your props big brother and I know we will see a day where the top producers and elite beat makers would have come through your system. Peace.
Beno Eady
Beno Eady
Benoother Music | Elite Beat Maker
What Up Doe Fam, GrandTizzle, Hip Hop Production Beast... Hope all is well and is banging on yo drums... Just wanted to say thanks for all the music and beat production knowledge you spit my way via your vids...
William G. Poston
William G. Poston
Super Producer | Professional Beat Maker
What Up T... Nice to see you on Facebook. You know nobody does it like you do it. I still hear you voice when I make beats and I been following you since 2005. My beat making production has steadily improved over the years. I always thought I was a decent beat maker but now I have the confidence to play my tracks for anyone, anywhere & anytime.
 Christopher Johnson III
Christopher Johnson III
MastaMnd | Beat Making Master
Jeff Frierson
Jeff Frierson
Super Producer | Elite Music Producer
Hey Tee i've been down with todaysbeats for 3 years now i have all the beat maker tutorials and sounds... thanks to you my BEAT MAKING production game has gotten better BUT..... WHENS EPIC BEATS GONNA BE RELEASED?
Vernon Wilson
Vernon Wilson
Str8sinsemilla Beats Elite Beat Maker
Been gone for a while but I need some more knowledge Tee!! I love how you took the time out to teach us how to make our own beats' Feed da future beast...FEED ME. Well....if you can fix a nice musical plate I'd be coo.. haha. Link me to the new material pls.
Art Arm
Art Arm
Super Producer | Elite Beat Maker and Music Producer
Thanks for all the help over the years, And thank you for checking us out!!!
Juan Duke
Juan Duke
Super Producer | Elite Music Producer
If I haven´t already said this man,your beatmaking skills is off the fucking radar. Have a good day.
Anna Kerttu
Anna Kerttu
Super Producer
What's up fam remember me? You inspired me to chase my dreams...thanks again
Christopher J. Jones
Christopher J. Jones
Super Producer | Elite Beat-maker

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Beat Making Tutorials

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Beat Maker Tutorials

We teach you ‘ALL GENRE’S‘ of hip hop and R&B Production. We teach you more than just how to make your own beats. We drive home MUSIC THEORY! From East Coast (hip hop), West Coast (G-Funk, Gangster), Midwest (Chicago, Detroit etc.) Dirty South (Trap House, 808 Swing etc). Go from basic Beat-maker to full fledged Professional Music Producer with quality and seasoned sounding drum patterns.

Chord Progression Generator

We teach you music theory before teaching you chords and progressions. Using Reason 8 as our Beat Making Software of choice, you will learn instantly how to use a number system to put together chords and progressions like master musicians without having to know music theory. You learn this instantly, guaranteed!

Mixing & Mastering

We teach you the well-kept industry secrets of EQ, compression, panning, level balancing, reverb and special effects and transform rough ideas and basic compositions into a commercial master. We make your tracks sound more robust and professional than ever before!