Free Membership _______________________________________ Our primary concern is to teach you! If you can walk away from Todaysbeats and Ya Homie Grand with new knowledge then we've accomplished our goals. We love to teach and as you already know, this is our passion. You're always going to learn something new, and more importantly you (WILL) always learn something relevant! This plans includes everything that is uploaded on Youtube for educational and promotional purposes. It includes some drum samples & some program files. Our free membership keeps you updated  with true gems, deep insight and safe guarded secrets of the masters of the craft. Whether it's music, arts, video production, effects, tips, or graphics we've got you covered. Free membership is what most need if your already experienced and gifted and is looking to improve on a few small knicks and points. No matter what you decide, become a free member NOW! Also, Check out our blog for hidden gems.
Standard is our basic plan. ______________________________________ Standard is the primary reason why we are here. A simple subscription for those who wants to stay current and updated on weekly tutorials. You will have access to 100's of media training tutorials, but will also have access to each and every single new step by step training tutorials posted on We cover many topics that encompasses media for music industry purposes. This includes hip hop music production, mixing and mastering that music, recording tips and techniques, vocals, and common approaches to how music industry leaders produce hits that goes platinum. But we don't stop there, we also cover each and every aspect of the music industry including album cover design, mixtape cover art design, flyer design, website design, and much much more. Standard VIP Membership will ensure that you receive hands on hands training with each and every aspect of learning what it takes to create your own musical Empire.
  1. Premium is setup for serious students _____________________________________
This subscription and membership includes slightly more than standard. It includes all that is included in our standard subscription but it also includes project files and customized project files. Some customized tutorials and 1 consultation meeting per month. In this meeting we keep progress of your growth and discern what you may need assistance with. We will then set up appointments to walk you through step by literal step on specific project to help you accomplish specific goals that we set out for your growth. This subscription allows you to converse with Terrence 1-2 times monthly for mentor-ship, feedback, encouragement, motivation and inspirational feedback. This Premium membership is equivalent to having Dr. Dre's personal phone number. you will be able to request tutorials, request project files and consult with an expert on most subjects concerning your growth. This plan is the most popular.
Entrepreneurship Special Arrangement ________________________________________ This plan is put into place for a specific type of student. This membership plan will cover specific needs and serious and intense training. All is included in this plan which also includes personal consultation from Terrence Fleming on a weekly basis up to 1 hour per week, homework assignments, grading, planning and missions and goals to accomplish. Detailed instruction with hands on 1 on 1 training. This is specifically for those who is looking to make a serious return on their investment. Warning, this is not for the sensitive or faint of heart, it's intense and different than anything you will ever experience. 1 year subscription is mandatory but the results are worth it. When signing up for this please leave your personal cell, name, email and home address. If you are dedicate enough to invest 97 per month for mentorship, therefore I will make it a priority to walk you through step by literal step to SUCCESS!!!