Hip Hop In Session Vol. 1 2016 Edition

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Hip Hop In Session Volume 1 2016 Edition 50% Off Campaign Event!!! 24 Hours ONLY!!!

I’m tired, TIRED, TIRED!!!!!!!!!!! Trap trap trap trap trap!!!!!!! Nothing but trap here, nothin’ but trap there!!! trap music is coming out of my ears!!!!
Are there any other styles? Any other genres?
Yes it is! Who’s blowing up out of the league? KENDRICK LAMAR!!!! Have you asked yourself why?

Well let me ask you this. How many hit song trap tracks do he have on his recent material? Kendrick Lamar has only been in the industry 3-4 years. You would think that he would feel to afraid to go the other direction. Follow suit, stay safe and follow the trend.

Well he choose not and what was his result? Nomination after nomination after nomination. What can we learn from this Fam?

People crave change. People want to hear something different. Radio controls what we listen too, and radio and the industry try to tell us that we don’t want to hear anything other than Drake, Meek Mills, Nicki Minaj, Justin Beiber and such, but that’s not true.
People want to hear a variety of music. Trap music IS DEFINITIVELY and some of it is absolutely GREAT! But! there is other music out there.
We’re going to cover some trap in the new Hip Hop In Session Vol. 1, but we are going to do MUSIC! Chords, Progressions, Trap, but also Hip Hop, Neo Soul and more.

Hours of brand new madness. Deep flavor to inspire you to absolute GREATNESS!!!!

Included with your purchase are project files, and drum samples you hear in the promo trailers.


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