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Hip Hop Chord Progressions Cycle Of Fifths
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Hip Hop Chord Progressions Cycle Of Fifths


“I Used To Hate Producers Who Used Chord Progressions In Their Beats.”
“Only If I Understood What They Knew I Would Be Unstoppable! Now I Know, (smile) and Now They Hate Me For It!”

– Learn Hip Hop Chord Progressions By Using My Secret Chord Progression Generator and Chart Weapon for Hip Hop Production to Make Your Own Beats –


Hip Hop Chord Progressions“Now it’s your turn to be envied, right? You’re serious about your Hip Hop Chord Progressions and Beat Making that’s why you’re here, so I’m gonna let you in on a jealously guarded secret!”

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You finally made it to the right site, it’s not a coincidence you’re here. You’ve probably been all over the net trying to learn how to come up with the right hip hop chords and progressions for your music or beats and need to know quick, fast and in a hurry. Nobody ever told you if the chords or cycle you should use are fifth’s, fourths, minors or majors, or how to come up with aggressive beats, emotional sad beats, street level beats or even that old Maybach laid back sound that is so pleasant and orchestrated and much, much more. What chord progressions to use to make a track happy, or sensual and sexy or even sad or emotional. Just seems like it’s a jealously guarded secret right? They know you’re not going to take the time out to learn all of that! They bank on this so that they will remain the best. This is where I can help you. How? Because I was in your shoes. I UNDERSTAND.


I apologize for waiting this long…I should have been gave you this vital information. I’ve always encouraged listeners to learn music theory, chords and progressions in my Hip Hop In Session lessons, but never provided the information. I believed that teaching fundamentals of Hip Hop Production was enough, but I later realized I was very wrong.


The bottom line and burning question was: “Whats the point in learning Hip Hop production tips and techniques, without knowing the basic true language of music?” A simple fact will remain for all eternity. Music is the sound of your emotions. If our emotions could speak, then you would hear various musical elements. If you don’t know how to speak or express the language of music, but is a musician or producer, then you are like the deaf and mute of society. You is like a human that walks, socialize and communicate with society, but you cannot speak, you’re deaf and mute, you have a speaking disorder and cannot relate what you want to get across in a reasonable simple and practical way. You sort of just mumble, grunt and galk out what you are trying to say to your friends and family. This is how you are speaking musically when you don’t know the simple and basic fundamentals of music and theory.

“Ok, It Makes Sense Right? But There’s a Problem, You Don’t Have The Time Or Patience To Learn Music Theory This Late In The Game, So Whats The Solution To That?”

Well after realizing the dire need for this knowledge and the fact that we need it fast so that we can get up to speed with this fast paced moving industry, I took it upon myself to search out and find a real and practical solution to all of our problems. What was most important to me was to find an immediate solution! Something tangible I could start using right NOW! IMMEDIATELY! TODAY!!!


Not ME!!! I’m too old, I should have learned this as a child, know what I’m sayin’? And I’m sure you’re in the same boat, because other than that you would be in school taking music theory courses and not online looking for an immediate solution.

I offer to you an immediate solution. Something you could use today, right now. And in less than 24 hours you could be producing like your favorite Hip Hop Producers, or even better! I’ve always been resourceful and I will always be resourceful, seeking out solutions, better and more practical ways of accomplishing the same goals more prestigious fully educated men can accomplish. Fortunately, thanks to TECHNOLOGY this is all NOW POSSIBLE!

And with a little bit of insightful training, coupled with technology, you can skyrocket your careers and goals to levels unheard of. Especially today! So I’ve dug and done some painstaking research and found an answer to all of our problems, and I’m going to do more than just speak, I’m going to provide you with some evidence that my system works, it works for me, and it’s going to work for you. Check out this quick video I produced in seconds utilizing this immediately knowledge and a few tools to get the job done.

Now, I want to do more than that, let me show you a quick video that really impressed me. It’s a guy from my hometown. He’s playing so elegantly and effortlessly that it will sort of make you jealously angry with ENVY! You simply cannot deny his skills, but it will upset you simply because you’d like to know what he know. Check it out.

Now let’s be honest here. And I want you to really think about this for a moment.

Imagine you knowing how to play like this. I want you to ask yourself and answer a few questions:


  • What will you do, personally, when you get to this level of skill?
  • Think for a moment…… about when you will be producing tracks that can make your listener shed tears?
  • Did you experience any type of emotion while listening to Nix production?
  • Can you imagine when you will make music that will bulls-eye the emotions of any human being alive?
  • I want you to think about that for a moment….What type of music are you going produce?
  • How much will it increase your sales?
  • How are you going to react to peoples response to your new music production skills?

Imagine yourself playing this same exact way, effortlessly without spending countless hours, months, or years of training. And what if I told you, that you would learn much much more than what this excellent producer Nix know, your chords and progressions will be unlimited, your key, scale, range and modes will be above average! Now, Please………Think about that for a second before answering this last question………..What’s the value of this information worth to you?

” I want to say that I purchased a copy of your music tutorial Hip Hop Progression Volume 1 & 2 and I was totally blessed by the knowledge.  I am a veteran producer and I have been in the game over ten years.  I have worked directly with Keith Andes who wrote the former no. 1 Billboard hit “Last Night” by Az Yet and I continue our relationship today.  I have learned more with you than I have with any music relationship thus far.  No more hit or miss, I now know what Babyface and all the other producers in that elite level know… “The Circle of Fifths”.  I look forward to laying tracks with this knowledge and duplicating this process over and over.  Thank you so very much.  I am an VIP member also of Hip Hop in Session 3.0.  Keep up the great work and I look forward to continue to support your worthy business.  I have attached a worksheet I compiled that I pray will help other students use the knowledge that you so accurately shared.  Feel free to share it with any student who you think can use the worksheet. Be Blessed “

Dr. Michael “Doc” Crudder | DOC Pro Entertainment”

Download Hip Hop Chord Progressions Worksheet
“Once you take in this knowledge, it’s there, that’s it! You know it, it will remain in you for the rest of your life”

This information will help you significantly musically, you will have the comfort of knowing every single time I lay my hands on them keys, whether I try hard or not, I’m going to come up with sensible, high production value hip hop and or R&B production every single time! It reminds me of a health phrase, “Don’t worry about your body looking good, that’s going to come, continue to exercise just for the health of it!” Learning music theory is the same, learn the theory and all these other things will be added to you.


How Hip Hop Chord Progressions Helped a Producer in Beat Battle Competitions

Let me try to help you understand the power of this info, about 5 weeks ago my friend D reached out to me…Now this guy is what I would call a Beat Battle Enthusiast, but he didn’t care about winning, he was very good with his beats, although he lacked the ability to apply chords and progressions in his music, but he felt that if he would simply battle, he could learn from the crowds reaction to certain songs and pay attention to how they react to certain sounds, drum patterns and elements. He also wanted to take home points from the producers he lost to.


He lost a lot of battles, but took it as a fair exchange for the knowledge he received from loosing countless battles. After a while he felt he had enough insight to actually try winning some of these battles, but he kept loosing. He told me he tried every trick in the battle book, he tried hyping the crowd with what he believed they would be interested in from TV commercial and jingles to television shows and programs, samples from hit records and anything else he could muster, all to no avail, he became very discouraged and began to loose his desire to do music altogether.

He recalled to me one local show with a rowdy crowd literally booed him of the stage and out the door, he told me he tried to laugh it off and smile while walking off the stage, but he said he was emotionally crushed, with his gut feeling like an invisible knife just kept stabbing it over and over again….he recalled thinking “what am I doing wrong?” what’s wrong with these crowds?”. One thing he told me he noticed that for most of the winning producers, that was not as musical, they used lot’s of crowd hyped gimmicks and appeal. He explained to me that he did not want to win a battle like that, he wanted to win from pure musical skill and talent. He asked for my advice.


I asked him this simple question, “When you heard a truly good track, that the crowd responded to, was it a good track because of the hype, sound effects, gimmicks, tricks, or how it made you feel?

There was a really long pause, then I noticed a certain look on his face, he frowned up his eyebrows as if he realized something….then he answered, “I like how the song made me feel”, I replied with emphasis, “capture the emotion of the crowd.” He just sat their for a long time, I could tell by the frowned look in his eyes he was going through some type of realization, epiphany or breakthrough, a discovery if you will….then after a few moments of silence he replied “Ok….Ok, but how?” So I ran it down to him…..”first of all D, remember we are emotional creatures……..remember that first! then study the crowd, and find the answer to these questions, Whats their energy? What is the nature of the crowd? Are they rowdy? Laid back? Musical? Gritty? Hip Hop Heads? Underground? Dirty South? Dubstep? Mostly female? Male? Females are sensitive, Males are more gritty and aggressive…etc. Elite producers know this naturally, fresh beatmakers need to study this.

Take all these things into account, you’ve been to enough battles to discern these different things, once you know the nature of the crowd, you remember what beats and producers won and why, and you remember who lost and why they lost. feed to the crowd what they came there to eat, that’s why they are there, to be entertained, so do just that, entertain them with what THEY want, not with what you think they SHOULD WANT, but what they literally yearn for! Your primary job is to simply find more creative and unique ways to do it.

Once you do this, feed them what they come there to eat, you got them. It’s called quenching there thirst! If you’re stranded on a dessert, thirsty and hungry, what do you think the victim would rather have delicious sweet cotton candy, or ice cold water? Delicious sweet pound cake or ice cold lemonade? In this case you need not guess what they want, you know what they need, give them what they need! Not what you prefer them to have, if you remember this, you’ve won half the battle.

Have you ever gone to see a movie just to be disappointed because the film did nothing to get your juices flowing, your emotions stirred up? Have you ever left the movie feeling, something was missing? Or, have you ever said to yourself, this was nothing like the commercial! You was expecting one thing, but when you got something else you was very disappointed, you run home to watch a movie on TV just to get closure, so that you can get that feeling. That’s the same thing that goes into Beat Battling, remember that!”


“A new study shows that a favorite piece of music can make your brain release dopamine, just like having sex, using drugs, or eating good food. Researchers at Canada’s McGill University say their findings, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, will help us understand both our minds and our evolution better.”

Science and The Human Brain’s Reaction To Music

“I was always interested in why I loved music so much and how can I evoke emotions from other people with my own musical pieces. Note these facts from the medical and science officials on the subject.”

Why Music Makes You Happy

Listening to music releases dopamine, a feel-good chemical associated with addiction.

  •  Listening to moving music causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical.
  • Dopamine-induced pleasure may help explain why music has been such a big part of human societies throughout history.
  • Understanding why people like listening to music is helping scientists understand human pleasure.

People love music for much the same reason they’re drawn to sex, drugs, gambling and delicious food, according to new research. When you listen to tunes that move you, the study found, your brain releases dopamine, a chemical involved in both motivation and addiction.

Even just anticipating the sounds of a composition like Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “BIbo no Aozora – BABEL” or “Forbidden Colors” can get the feel-good chemical flowing, found the study, which was the first to make a concrete link between dopamine release and musical pleasure.

The findings offer a biological explanation for why music has been such a major part of major emotional events in cultures around the world since the beginning of human history. Through music, the study also offers new insights into how the human pleasure system works.

“You’re following these tunes and anticipating what’s going to come next and whether it’s going to confirm or surprise you, and all of these little cognitive nuances are what’s giving you this amazing pleasure,” said Valorie Salimpoor, a neuroscientist at McGill University in Montreal. “The reinforcement or reward happens almost entirely because of dopamine.”

“This basically explains why music has been around for so long,” she added. “The intense pleasure we get from it is actually biologically reinforcing in the brain, and now here’s proof for it.”

In a previous study, Salimpoor and colleagues linked music-induced pleasure with a surge in intense emotional arousal, including changes in heart rate, pulse, breathing rate and other measurements. Along with these physical changes, people often report feelings of shivers or chills. When that happens during a listening experience, Salimpoor’s group and others have found evidence that blood flows to regions in the brain involved in dopamine release.

To solidify the dopamine link, the researchers recruited eight music-lovers, who brought to the lab samples of music that gave them chills of pleasure. Most picks were classical, with some jazz, rock and popular music mixed in, including Led Zeppelin and Dave Matthews Band. The most popular selection was Barbar’s Adagio for Strings.

After 15 minutes of listening, scientists injected participants with a radioactive substance that binds to dopamine receptors. With a machine called a PET scanner, the scientists were then able to see if that substance simply circulated through listeners’ blood, which would indicate that they had already released a lot of dopamine, and that the dopamine was tying up all available receptors.


But as you can see, music has a much more deeper impact than we can come close to imagining. This supplementary information alone will give you an advantage over your competitors. Knowing that music can effect us medically, psychologically and scientifically will help us to en-devour in learning as much as we can in efforts to make good sounding material and a good living effortlessly. (Now……..Back to my friend D)

Music is The Sound of Human Emotions
Chords and Progressions is how you speak the language

He was sold, BUT, he wanted to know how I knew so much, and I told him, that it’s common knowledge when you know and understand theory. In theory, you’re taught that (Music is The Sound of Human Emotions.) Hit-makers fully understand this concept. Hit-making producers is like sales marketers, but for music. They know that to capture an audience, a mind of a hit making producer would think to himself (“if I applied this particular chord progression, with these set of words, then I can pull out the emotion of these particular listeners, in turn produce a hit record.”)


Think of the song “Ordinary People”, Ironically, the song sounds ordinary, but the chord progressions are sad and beautiful, but also innocent and vulnerable at the same time. (Emotions that a person can pull from certain chord progressions, keys or scales.) Now if you was to couple these words, with the sound of the progressions and flow of music, then all your vocals or words doing is simply wording out what the music is already saying, we’re just ordinary people, we don’t know which way to go, and that’s why this particular song was a hit, right off the bat!

(Back to my friend D) So I told him I would further assist him, and check over his production before he entered back into the battlefield, I shipped him Beat Essentials and Hip Hop In Session Chord Progressions and needless to say he went on to win endless battles, of course he lost some, but it was to those more established producers that have a full understanding of theory. (Later on that!)

Recent Update: He then later reached out to me and told me that he was in the studio with Snoop Dogg, Daz and Kurupt, and a host of other well known artist. He has a special relationship with Snoop and get’s frequent calls from Daz. “Thanks to your knowledge Tee, I’m up in the studios with the big dogs, I simply cannot thank you enough”, “I be schoolin em’ Tee! Daz calls me all the time asking how I know so much, I tell em’ I got a great teacher, thanks bro. Most producers, let you in on just a little info bro, but they never reveal that real, true and deep insight, they’ll show us Tee, but they never really expose the truth man, but you?….. you’re a rare gem, a dime a dozen, you’re the truth Tee, remember that, and don’t let no one discourage you, hate on you or change that, you’re the truth, thanks a million times bro. You’ve change my life!”

Now this is simply one aspect of the production arena

With Hip Hop Chord Progressions your situation and scenario could be similar or very different, but knowing and fully understanding the cycle of fifths, basic music theory and working with the tools to come up with endless chords and progressions gives you unlimited possibilities and opportunities. But my promise is even better! You will learn all these things in just a few videos, and not months or years of music education. And best of all it’s practical for you. These videos where customized with the Hip Hop Producer in mind. I made it so that you can cut through the chase, get the meat of what you need to know and apply what you know immediately! And the tools you will use will allow you to come up with those very simple to extremely complicated chords and progressions you hear the pro’s using. Not tomorrow, TODAY! You come to the right place, I promise to give you the right tools, I teach you everything you need to know plus more.

 “Love what you doing with the vids..thnks for smackin us youngsta’s with some knowledge..shout out to all the Propellerhead’s…Beat’re a blessing Tee, for real….”


“What up Grand T!! Lupe Fiasco “I’m Beamin Tutorial” Can you do that for a playa? The chords are insane..I want to learn this track and I know you always bring the fire for your students..Hook me up fam…mas”


 “Yo Tee what’s good man continue to school us youngsters fam, I really appreciate the long 3yr. ride I have been on with you. I have truly learned a lot! I have one request can you do a REMAKE of Chris Browns NO BULLSH*& Man I love the drums and the Chord Progressions in that track!! The Bizness did their thing wit that one!! Holla Back Tee, again preciate all the Knowledge Fam!!”



As you can see, there is no hype involved, these are real people with real production problems that have found real answers. Hip Hop Chord progressions is the primary major concern for real producers seeking to produce more emotionally driven hip hop and R&B production.

hip hop chord progressions todaysbeatsAre you tired of listening to those hot producers with their ‘mature’ musical sound and wonder how on earth can these guys put together these masterpieces so effortlessly? Have you ever wished you knew what they knew, beyond typical samples, notes and melodies? Well what you don’t know and what they will not tell you is that they are fully aware of the infamous “cycle of fifths”. They’ll NEVER tell you what they are and what they’re used for because they know once you understand this “musical magic wheel” then you’ll have the ability to overshadow them now or in time.

Now for the price of a video game, you can gather information that will change your life and the way you listen to music forever! I encourage from the bottom of my heart, that all of those who is interested in doing music, whether professionally or as a strict hobby, to invest in this essential knowledge and get this instantly down-loadable course. As a bonus, I throw in some tips, very VERY important links to free software that you can use today and make music immediately after the session that would have took you literally years to be able to produce.

You’ll sound so good folks will think you took a crash course in music theory. Amongst many others, here is just a few basic things you’ll learn:

  • How chord progressions are made?
  • How are they used in Hip Hop and R&B?
  • Why do they work?
  • Why it’s called the cycle of fifths and how does this help you?
  • What are the common direction used in today’s music?
  • How do hip hop producers utilize this wheel?
  • What sounds good chord-wise and why?
  • If I play this chord, what should I play next?
  • How to get from the first chord to the 2nd, third, fourth back to home?
  • It’s relationship with color, mood and others
  • How to arrange other sound elements around it
  • Flawless bass tricks that compliments the progressions
  • What type of chords creates mood and character for hip hop
  • What chord progressions to use to make tracks happy, sad, scary, gritty or dark
  • How to hypnotize and mesmerize any listener
  • How to find any progression to any song in minutes
  • Links to learn more
  • And much much more…….


“Whatever you do, please do not sleep on this one! This course is a must for ALL of my students!!!!!”


Additional information

Featured Information

“I Used To Hate Producers Who Used Chords and Progressions In Their Beats.”
“Only If I Understood What They Knew I Would Be Unstoppable! Now I Know, (smile) and Now They Hate Me For It!”
“Now it’s your turn to be envied, right? You’re serious about your Hip Hop Chord Progressions and Beat Making that’s why you’re here, so I’m gonna let you in on a jealously guarded secret!”
First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You finally made it to the right site, it’s not a coincidence you’re here. You’ve probably been all over the net trying to learn how to come up with the right hip hop chords and progressions for your music or beats and need to know quick, fast and in a hurry. Nobody ever told you if the chords or cycle you should use are fifth’s, fourths, minors or majors, or how to come up with aggressive beats, emotional sad beats, street level beats or even that new Maybach laid back sound that is so pleasant and orchestrated and much, much more. What progressions to use to make a track happy, or sensual and sexy. Just seems like it’s a jealously guarded secret right? They know you're not going to take the time out to learn all of that! They bank on this so that they will remain the best. This is where I can help you. How? Because I was in your shoes. I UNDERSTAND.


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