This OUTREACH CAMPAIGN is designed to help those who are eager to educate and acquire for themselves a skill or set of skills otherwise not available to them without the assistance of government tuition programs, financial aid, grants, loans, or scholarships for Digital Media Arts through college education. This Outreach also allows our company to bring awareness to those who may be in search of this available education but knows nothing of it’s existence. Our special limited time campaign will reach out to as many interested students as this sponsored funded campaign will allow and provide to them free of charge training kit materials such as DVDs, CD, USB Drives and free downloads. This campaign will kick-start our Red Art Media brand awareness to a larger audience of students who’s missing out on this very valuable educational opportunity. 

Your voluntary donations will go directly to the cost of Graphic design cover printed labels, DVD and CD hard cases, shrink wrapping materials, printing materials such as ink, paper and other packaging materials. Physical DVD discs, USB Drives for larger file storage, time invested, labor, expenses and travel. The Music Outreach Production Forum Day for students will be held at Detroit’s Royalty Studio Hall where students gather for after school affiliation and productive activities. This is where conference training and training material kits delivery will be held.

Digital arts students use personal computers to create all aspects of media. They’ll learn how to use a wide variety of digital media programs, including 2-D and 3-D graphics programs such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects, and explore electronic music with programs such as Reason, Protools, Ableton Live, FL Studio and more, video production, setup, camera, lighting and more, Graphic arts and Web design. Students also learn and study the history and theory of digital media, music and arts and work on perfecting basic production skills in foundation courses such as drawing, painting design, and color theory.

Students learn all digital media aspects needed to succeed in the professional music industry without going to college. We teach you everything you need to know about producing high quality hip hop and R&B production from various genre’s down to mixing and mastering that music like a 30 year veteran.
We teach you how to shoot professional high quality music videos through our film production video training course programs and classes helping you to become a full fledged industry director videographer and editor. We cover all aspects of shooting a music video such as digital cinematography, camera choice, lens choice, music video equipment, dslr vs mirrorless, 4K and the benefits of shooting with that resolution, framing, scripting, film lighting, editing techniques, youtube video ideas, film techniques, choice of lens, canon, panasonic and sony. f stops, best used shutter speed and it’s uses, aperture, iso, and much much more. We miss nothing, you learn everything!
We don’t stop there. Learn mixtape cover tutorial photoshop cs6. You also learn graphic design photoshop digital art tutorials. We teach you how to make your own mixtape covers, album cover art cd designs, web site designs, flyers and psoter projects. You learn how to manipulate simple images and turn them into outstanding creative designer pieces by using adobe photoshop CS6, Creative Cloud CC or any other free graphic design software online. This helps all of your other professional quality graphic design work stand out in the crowd. Produce your own mixtape covers, CD album cover designs and party promotion flyers & posters and much more.

In this education packed music industry media crash course you’ll learn the following:

Music Production Courses & Tutorials:

You’ll Learn How To:
⚫   Make Your Own Beats
⚫   Genres Includes: East Coast Styles, West Coast Styles, South Styles, Trap, Hip Hop, G-Funk and more…
⚫   Produce Complicated Drum Patterns
⚫   Produce Chords and Progressions
⚫   Produce Professional Quality Hip Hop & R&B Production
⚫   Mix your music using EQ, filters, hi and lo shelf, gates, compression, reverb and other effects.
⚫   Master your material using amps, limiters, gates, EQ, and compressors.

Video Production Courses & Tutorials:

You’ll Learn How To:
⚫   Become a Professional Videographer
⚫   Shoot Your Own Music Videos
⚫   How To Write Script treatments and Storyboards
⚫   Become a Director and Editor
⚫   Produce and Shoot Films, Documentaries and Commercials
⚫   Video Editing Training
⚫   Motion Graphics designs and Special Effects
⚫   Color Correction
⚫   Color Grading
⚫   Learn How To Use Industry Standard Software: Avid® Adobe Premiere® Adobe After Effects® Adobe Photoshop® Adobe Illustrator® Cinema 4D® and more….

Adobe Photoshop Graphic Art & Design Courses & Tutorials:

You’ll Learn How To:
⚫   Master Photoshop
⚫   Produce Your Own Mixtape, CD Album Cover Designs
⚫   Make Party, Promotional Flyers & Poster Designs
⚫   Learn Better Photography and Image Manipulation
⚫   Fine Art Design and Detailed Illustration
⚫   Street Art and Urban Design and Photography
⚫   Typography and The Art of Using Text Type
⚫   Web Design, 3D, Logo, Print Design

Web Design & Development Courses:

You’ll Learn How To:
⚫   Make Your Own Websites
⚫   Build Webpages From Ground Up
⚫   Design The Art and page layouts
⚫   How To Optimize Your Site For Google Rankings
⚫   Secret Tips on Master SEO and White Hat Secrets
⚫   Getting Traffic and Keeping it
⚫   Using Your Website To Sell Your Media Production Works
Much much more….

The information in this Music Business Kit is so detailed that you can compare it to a college education minus the degree. Actually many have confessed that the training in this kit far exceeds the training done at local colleges due to it’s modern and practical training. The information is tangible and immediately useful. Skip the 2-4 years of basic education before getting your hands wet on some real knowledge. Skip the high tuition fees that most students cannot afford. And don’t let the low price of our training course lead you to believe it’s not quality training. Let the material that we show you speak for itself. Let the material of our students speak for itself.

We give you the opportunity to create your own Empire or Dynasty Record Label and we provide you with all the tools, the secrets and the details to produce all the content needed to be a full fledged running record company or production company. We’ve been helping students for over 10 years and have helped many of our students reach goals previously unattainable due to many educational funded issues.

Now there is no excuse, for the price of a weeks worth of gasoline you can now gather the knowledge other students will spend $1000’s of dollars and years of training to attain. Be wise, educate yourself, master the craft and show the world what YOU have to offer!


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